Like so many great things in life, Gravity Heights was born out of a chance encounter between a few passionate and like minded people having had one (or two) beers too many. 

5 years later, a few false starts and countless studies in “what if” and “why not” have all led us to the creation of Gravity Heights. This is where our passion and our profession intersect and where we get have a little fun while applying the same basic principles that drive our other restaurants – good ingredients, good technique and good people, create good food (and beer, oddly enough).

We’re not out to take the San Diego beer scene by storm or reinvent the wheel because the truth is, there’s no shortage of good breweries in San Diego. Instead, our aim is to pair that good beer with the same delicious food, exceptional service and genuine hospitality we’re known for so you never have to compromise one for the other again. 

Tucked away in Sorrento mesa, our 12,000 square foot brewpub includes a full service restaurant, an event space, an expansive and lush outdoor beer garden and a pretty stellar team to make sure you always have good food in your mouth and a solid beer in your hand. 

On behalf of the Whisknladle Hospitality team and Skip Virgilio, Co-founder and original brewmaster of Alesmith, welcome home. Welcome to Gravity Heights.



whisknladle HOSPITALITY

Good food, good beer, great people:  This best sums up our philosophy on creating and running our restaurants. While we believe our food and beverage are better than good, we still subscribe to the “Great Good” Food Philosophy where less is more, simpler is better and it’s the quality and freshness of the ingredients that matters most. As Ms. Julia Child once said:

“You don’t have to cook complicated or fancy masterpieces, 
just good food from fresh ingredients.”
- Julia Child