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Delicious dishes consisting of traditional pub fare and other munchies, cultivated by the Whisknladle Hospitality chef team.

—  Our Food  —

We’ve made it our life’s ambition to expand people’s palates and to share with people what we like to eat and how we like to eat it. Deliberately not giving people what they think they want was always going to be an uphill climb but was one we were prepared to make. Nope, not here. The menu at Gravity Heights allows us to not take our food (and ourselves) so seriously and has been created entirely with you in mind, assuming you like to eat and you like to eat well.  It's a mix of traditional pub fare, comfort food and "stoner" munchies along with some far healthier alternatives, some classic Whisknladle Hospitality dishes and a whole lot of love. "The People" want cake, and we're hell bent on giving it to them. We just want to make sure it's done the right way and that it's the best damn piece of cake they've ever had. While we could spend all day telling you about it, just come in and see for yourself.  We look forward to filling your glass with the good stuff soon.