Pale ales, pilsners and IPAs brewer in house at Gravity Heights in Sorrento Mesa, San Diego.


—  Our Beer  —

Where culture meets craft - this is Gravity Heights.  We believe you’re only as good as the beer you drink.  So why not drink the good stuff?  Our small batch craft beer is carefully brewed, tested and refined.  We’re constantly pushing ourselves to new heights and elevating our product by creating drinkable IPAs, pale ales and pilsners for everyone (21 and over that is).  If you like what you drink, take home some cans, bottles or a growler.  Our beer is always a crowd pleaser.  Or drink alone, we won’t judge.  Just fill up and stay high with us.  

—  Our WINE  —

Not everyone's a beer drinker and/or you can't always drink beer. That's why we've put a lot of effort in piecing together a wine list we'd be proud to offer in anyone of our other restaurants. Our California focused wine list should have something for everyone whether it's a business dinner, date night or simply girls night out.